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> I'm using an RPi with Fedora 27 (of course !) in an environment where
> it sometimes loses power and shuts down prematurely.  This has a
> tendency to corrupt the xfs filesystem that / resides on.

Is there something unique about the hardware that causes this?
It really shouldn't happen - that's what the journal in both xfs and ext4
is for - to replay after a power failure and keep metadata consistent.

What kind of corruption are you seeing?

Generally if a power loss causes filesystem corruption on either xfs or
ext4, it's due to a storage problem.  (Unless by corruption you mean
lost buffered IOs, which is really an application issue.)

> As most of you probably know, it is much, much easier to repair a
> file system error with other file systems, ext4, for example.  It is
> very time consuming to repair an error on an xfs file system.

Can you expand on this?  What kind of repairs are you talking about?
Generally xfs_repair is at least as fast as e2fsck.


> What would be the disadvantage to mounting / on an ext4 fs rather
> than xfs ?  What changes would be needed elsewhere to acomodate this
> ?

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