(Martin Schröder directed me here. Just wanted to kindly humbly get a general idea as I not saw any discussion of ARM64 anywhere I read, until now. Thanks a lot.)

The market is finally being flooded with ARM64:s. And some of them are inexpensive.

I guess AllWinner A64/H64 will be the most ubiquitous one as the chip is/soon will be something like 5 USD.

Boards should be on the market for 15 USD this year I think. If you need SATA or PCIe the same figure is something like 150 USD. See a listing below.

What about running OpenBSD on these, do you have any idea when this should be possible?


* I suppose the AllWinner A64 (and the AllWinner H64 which is essentially the
   same chip) will be the very most popular.

One board is https://www.pine64.org/ (15 USD for 512MB variant, 30 USD for
   2GB variant), released fairly soon. Another upcoming is "Nobel64".

   1x gigabit ethernet. No SATA. USB 2. No PCIe.

   (Correction: 1x 100mbit on the cheapest variant.)

http://linux-sunxi.org/A64 http://files.pine64.org/doc/datasheet/pine64/A64_Datasheet_V1.1.pdf

* Amlogic S905 is one that's actually on the market already. The Odroid C2 (40
   USD) deploys it,
http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G145457216438 .
   Not sure how popular that one will be in the longer term though.

   1x gigabit ethernet. No SATA. USB 2. No PCIe.


 * The Snapdragon 600 (and 410) is on the market also, here's a board:
   , 150 USD.

   SATA. USB 2. PCIe. Ethernet.. by PCIe?


* Some more are Rockchip RK3368, Kirin 620, Marvell IAP140, Actions Semiconductor Actions
   S900, Samsung S5P6818.

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