On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 09:30:34PM +0100, Mark Kettenis wrote:
> > Actually... No, this is not the issue.  U-Boot has an implementation
> > for the Network Subsystem, which means that you can read/write raw
> > UDP packets.  The implementation on arm64 makes use of a higher level
> > TFTP implementation which proper EFI implementations provide.  This
> > can be seen on the OverDrive 1000.  It provides an interface to "get
> > files".  This means the EFI layer does the actual TFTP protocol.
> > 
> > u-boot does not provide this layer.  If you need network boot support
> > on u-boot based machines, you either need to implement this layer in
> > u-boot, our you need to extend our arm64 bootloader to do raw network
> > packets and the TFTP protocol.
> Ah you're right.  U-Boot implements TFTP but it isn't exposed through
> its EFI interface.

IIUC, on rpi3 you can boot either directly (bootcode.bin) after enabling it,
or you use U-Boot.


So what's the flow?

- first stage BL
- bootcode.bin over tftp?
- start.elf over tftp?
- kernel.img -> symlink to bsd, over tftp?


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