When I built an Octeon system I had issues with several ports so I
worked with port maintainer to get package build resolved.  That
meant I built the package until it failed, then sent log info to
port maintainer, they created a diff they thought would fix the
issue and I went back to package build.  This was a shampoo, rinse and
repeat process until several package build finally worked.  I think
by doing this I contribute in some small way back to OpenBSD

Of course this all depends on how much time a port maintainer has.


On Thu, 12 Apr 2018, Stuart Henderson wrote:

On 2018/04/12 09:54, s_g...@telus.net wrote:
What happened to php packages on the latest build of the arm packages?  They
were there in the previous build.  I was hoping to get a stable system with
the release of 6.3 but I can't build the system I want without php.

Most likely they depended on a port which failed to build. arm package builds
take so long it's difficult to identify and fix any recent breakage before ports
locks for release.

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