Yann wrote:

> With this inclusion of corporations, you see that government is an
> appendix of the rich to make sure they stay rich and become richer.

Therefore, if we don't like the segregation of class created by government,
we should abolish government. While I believe you are wrong about how
government does this, your conclusion is correct. By regulating businesses
and subsidizing others and dividing the tax-consumers from the
tax-producers, the state creates a schism between classes that is only
solvable through further political action -- the politics of pull -- or the
dissolution of the state's power. For instance, you may have noticed that
several rich people like Warren Buffett and George Soros are campaigning
against abolition of the estate tax. Is this against their interest? Not if
you realize that the estate tax raises the barriers to accumulation of
wealth through capital formation, or, to take a less cynical POV, if these
people simply would rather give that wealth away anyway and are merely
speaking out for the forced "charity" by others who would not desire to give
to the state. Even the progressive income tax might be a benefit to the most
industrious who are able to make the sacrifice to the state, by preventing
the more ordinary among us from reaching the upper brackets. But either way
you cut it, yes, the state is fundamentally conservative and class-creating,
and there's only one, rather obvious, solution.

-Harry David

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