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I have never understood this rationale--especially for farmers. The sun is up 
as long as it is up, regardless of what we do with our clocks. What is it 
that prevents farmers from getting up when the sun rises, and working til it 
sets, no matter what clock time that is? What problem does clock manipulation 
solve for them?

Brian Doherty

It has to do with how they interact with the rest of the world.  For instance in the 
case of a dairy, usually the milk truck will change its arrival time whenever the 
clock changes.  Hence unless the farmer changes his milking time he either has to pay 
to cool and store the milk for an extra hour (if the truck's arrival time moves back) 
or an extra 11 hours if the arrival time moves forward.  By the way the cows don't 
like the change in milking time either!

John Harvey

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