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>I have never understood this rationale--especially for farmers. The sun is up
>as long as it is up, regardless of what we do with our clocks. What is it
>that prevents farmers from getting up when the sun rises, and working til it
>sets, no matter what clock time that is? What problem does clock manipulation
>solve for them?
>Brian Doherty
>It has to do with how they interact with the rest of the world.  For 
>instance in the case of a dairy, usually the milk truck will change its 
>arrival time whenever the clock changes.  Hence unless the farmer changes 
>his milking time he either has to pay to cool and store the milk for an 
>extra hour (if the truck's arrival time moves back) or an extra 11 hours 
>if the arrival time moves forward.  By the way the cows don't like the 
>change in milking time either!
>John Harvey

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