I don't know much about this subject, but the work on the returns to 
fancy private schools suggest that there are very limited returns to 
going to a fancy private school.  The last study I saw suggested that 
alma mater makes very little difference whatsoever.  Although I saw 
somewhere a similar study that said that Harvard and Yale don't fit 
that model.


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Subject: returns to higher education

> I recently read a newspaper column by a Daniel S. Cheever, 
> president of Simmons College in Boston.  He claims that a college 
> graduate will, on average, earn $800,000 more than a high school 
> graduate over a lifetime.
> Discounting aside, this still seems rather high to me.  Not 
> knowing this issue, and being ignorant of labor economics, can 
> anyone offer a quick verification of this figure?  I know it 
> depends on degree and institution.  What do reliable estimates say 
> about a bottom line figure such as this one?
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