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> In a Forbes article last year, a professor of health at Indiana University no
> tes that since the increase in the legal drinking age to 21 (1987), total amo
> unt of alcohol consumed dropped but the incidence of EXCESSIVE drinking incre
> ased among 18-20 year olds.
> 1. any takers on why?

Excessive drinkers are an annoying but small part of the 
student/teen/young adult population.  Their excessive intake does not 
dent the overall loss of business due to many people of the age group 
abiding by the new law.

> 2. is a "forbidden fruit" argument consistent with economic rationality?

Perhaps excessive drinkers drank excessively prior to the new law for 
reasons like "being cool," and placing legal age restrictions increases 
the effect.  So, they are rational in reaching their irrational 


Sourav (from MIT, the home of smart people doing stupid things in 
really smart ways)

Sourav K. Mandal


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