Both Baumol and Hirshman!!!
Alexnader Guerrero

Bill Dickens wrote:

> As Fall approaches one of the interesting rituals involves the selection of
> Nobel Laureates. While I'm not a legitimate bookie, I do engage in some
> innocuous speculation about who will receive the Nobel Prize in Economics.
> I did however correctly "forecast" Robert Mundell several years ago but for
> the most part my track record is not impressive.  Paul Romer is a sure
> "lock" as a future recipient. This year I submit the following three (3)
> names:
> 1. William Baumol
> 2. Albert Hirshman
> 3. Janet Yellen [sorry Prof. Ackerlof but your wife will be the first family
> member recognized :-)]
> So, who are your deserving entries?
> Bill Dickens
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