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I watched discussion of this on C-Span last night, and I believe the politicians said there would be a deductable.

There is also, I would think, something of a moral hazard issue in compensating the airlines following a tragedy that was caused, at least in part, by the failure of their safety policies or lack thereof, is there not?
Bryan Caplan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Alex Tabarrok wrote:
> The President has authorized some 15 billion dollars to bail out the
> airlines and now travel agents and a host of others are asking for help
> also. Question: Is there any economic defense for this sort of action?
> After all, if the demand for air travel has fallen then isn't the
> optimal response to reallocate resources from the airline and related
> travel industries into other industries?

Especially when the negative externality of flying has been shown to be
far bigger than anyone imagined!
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