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> According to a recent article [1] in Harvard International Review, because
> of differences in fertility, the population growth rate in dictatorships
> is higher than that in democracies at every income level. It says "an
> average woman has one-half of a child more under dictatorship than under
> democracy." As a result of this faster population growth, dictatorships
> have greater GDP growth even though they have lower per capita GDP growth
> compared to democracies.
> This information leads me to ask a couple of questions:
> 1. Why is fertility higher in dictatorships? Do dictators like bigger
> populations, and democrats like smaller populations? Does population
> growth influence choice of government? Or is there a third factor that
> affects both fertility and form of government?

What is the taxation burden in dictatorships versus democracies? I wonder if 
that shows a better correlation with fertility than government form.

Susan Hogarth
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