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>>> This is completely wrong. The CPI-u is, and the CPI-x was, adjusted
>>> quality changes (see ). The CPI-X
>>> doesn't exist anymore.
>>So what price statistic wasn't adjusted for quality changes?
>They all are. No one (who knew what he was talking about) has ever
>claimed that they are not adjusted. The common claim is that the
>adjustments (which are quite complex and differ across different types
>of goods) are inadequate. - - Bill

In fairness I was just summarizing the arguments of Professor Richard B.
MacKenzie at U of Cal Irvine, published back in 1994.  If his arguments have been
superseded, I stand corrected.  There's not need for ad hominem attacks,
generally a sign that the target has challenged one of the attacker's shibboleths.

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