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> American Jews tested below average on Army intelligence tests conducted
> around the turn of the last century (1900)

I suspect this was not a pure IQ test but had a bias towards education, and
at that time, American Jews, especially recent immigrants, many not have
been so well educated, and now they are.

> I do wonder about the meaning of IQ tests. I test out in the top 1% of
> the IQ distribution but have been singularly unsuccessful.  Although it's
> anedotal, I know many other unsuccesful high IQ people as well.  Clearly
high IQ and success don't automatically go hand in hand.
> David Levenstam

Success in what?  Many high-IQ persons do not have wealth as their highest
goal.  Also, chance falls equally on the high and low IQs.
Fred Foldvary


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