Having taken the WWI era Army IQ test that was the basis for some of this, I
can verify that a significant amount of it seemed to be education based
(questions regarding brands of motor engines and whatnot probably posed
issues for immigrants who'd rarely seen and never driven cars, for example).

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> American Jews tested below average on Army intelligence tests conducted
> around the turn of the last century (1900)

I suspect this was not a pure IQ test but had a bias towards education, and
at that time, American Jews, especially recent immigrants, many not have
been so well educated, and now they are.

> I do wonder about the meaning of IQ tests. I test out in the top 1% of
> the IQ distribution but have been singularly unsuccessful.  Although it's
> anedotal, I know many other unsuccesful high IQ people as well.  Clearly
high IQ and success don't automatically go hand in hand.
> David Levenstam

Success in what?  Many high-IQ persons do not have wealth as their highest
goal.  Also, chance falls equally on the high and low IQs.
Fred Foldvary


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