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> Question: Why not increase teacher salaries?
> Answer: They can't. Gov't budgets for teachers for are maxed out,
> funds for housing are earmarked for housing, not salaries (bogus answer).

Salaries are taxed, while "perks" are not?  I'm guessing here, 
because I have never had a job with enough perks (or salary) to 
concern myself about such things.

I do know, however, that in countries with burdensome tax rates in 
high brackets ( > 50% !), employees who would normally fall in those 
brackets are instead paid with all manner of "perks" and 
"allowances," some of which border on the ridiculous.  I have heard 
of jewelry and evening gown allowances, perennial luxury car leases, 
and at the extreme prostitutes on retainer.

I am sure private schools face the same situtation.

Sourav Mandal

Sourav K. Mandal

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"In enforcing a truth we need severity rather than
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