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> > honest online casino.  It's as if the government outlawed FedEx and
> > UPS, but continued to operate the USPS.
> >
> they have done this.
> It is not well known but the minimum charge for a non USPS delivery is ten
> times whatever first class postage is at the time, unless the communication
> is extremely urgent.  Guess who gets to decide if it is urgent or not?> 

I guess there is nothing more one can say.  :-)

Another example is the federal penitentiary industrial corporation, 
named UNICOR (http://www.unicor.gov).  In any case, this 
not-for-profit program recruits federal inmates to provide factory 
labor (the inmates receive many times *prison* minimum wage) to 
build cabinets, helmet visors, garment and textile products, etc.  
The idea is to rehabilitate and occupy prisoners, while infusing 
funds to the penal system.

The Uncle Sam catch is that this organization can literally snatch 
government contracts, provided they can provide the product within 
the given specifications and at a ballpark price.  True story:  The 
military needs cheap, standard issue blankets.  A textile firm in 
Massachusetts (?) developed a way to manufacture these blankets to 
be much more comfortable for the same price.  The military fell in 
love with these blankets, and wanted more.  Then, UNICOR grabbed the 
contract by co-opting the manufacturing process, and the Mass. 
textile plant went under.

This is not as egregious an offense as lotteries or postal services, 
as any firm, in this case the government, can be expected to go 
in-house for work.  However, UNICOR cannot always provide the lowest 
price, meaning that our tax dollars are being wasted in a slow 

Oppressed by The Man's gross inefficiencies,

Sourav Mandal

Sourav K. Mandal

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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"In enforcing a truth we need severity rather than
efflorescence of language. We must be simple, 
precise, terse."

                      -- Edgar Allan Poe, 
                        "The Poetic Principle"

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