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Another ref I found is: http://wvs.isr.umich.edu/papers/genes.htm

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Regarding the Inglehart and Klingmann study, “Genes, Culture, Democracy, and 

Despite their [Inglehard/Klingmann] findings that happiness levels vary 
cross-culturally and that beliefs and values can be important in tandem with a 
society’s political institutions, I guess it’s not surprising that the debate always 
returns to the neuroscientists.  In that never-ending attempt to take limited 
resources and meet our unlimited needs (paramount of which is the pursuit of  
“happiness"), it really comes down to simply chemicals and genes.  But oddly enough, 
no where in the standard economics texts will you ever see references to dopamine and 
serotonin levels in the brain.  

Did anyone else notice that the Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland) finished in first place 
on the happiness-well being list? Can you imagine the late crooner Mr. Sinatra with 
those statistics in hand?

“Start spreading the news.  I’m leaving today.  I’m making a brand new start of it . . 
. Reykjavik . . . Reykjavik.”

New York, NY

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