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> I believe a case can be made that trade secrets [intellectual property] ...

Uh? Trade secrets are NOT in any way intellectual property.

So called "intellectual property" is but information protectionism,
and exists but by the tax-funded guns of government that threaten
the public for the benefit of privileged artists and industrialists,
with the help of the usual bloodsuckers who call themselves lawyers.
On the contrary, trade secrets have their root in the most fundamental
individual liberty, that of not telling anyone what one does not wish to tell,
that of having contracts that bind voluntary signing parties (but NOT any
third party in any way) to not disclose information, etc. In as much as
anyone can be keep anything secret at his own expense, it is his perfectly
legitimate right to do so. Of course, it is the right of anyone not having
signed a specific contract to reverse engineer the secret, to spy someone
else's activity, etc, which is the natural limit of the secret. Should the
secret lose its status as such, no third party can be held liable for using
the now public information; someone having breached a contract or broken a
law to access and publish the information can be prosecuted for such
breach or crime, but people using and republishing the information without
having committed any such deed may do so freely.

> The indirect cost for ["national security" secrets] appear to me
> irrevocable from a geo-political equilibrium viewpoint.
What do you mean?
I don't trust any statesman, politician, military, police officer,
civil servant or appointed or elected judge to decide that such or such
information is a "national security" secret, whereas such other is not.
Whenever you give anyone the authority to decide that some information is
forbidden, you transform free citizens into subjects of an arbitrary

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