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Is there any logic to whether restaraunts offer free refills for soda
An hypothesis: Suppose there are two clienteles for restaurant sodas: one with a high elasticity of demand and a higher demand curve, and the other one with a low elasticity and a lower demand curve. A restaurant owner (and his competitors) cannot price discriminate -- if only because he is unable to differentiate the two types of clients when they walk into the shop -- so the same price is charged to everybody, but a rebate is given to the high-elasticity, high-demand customers in the form of a refill. I assume here that price discrimination would be feasible in this market even if there is no monopoly because   it could be enforced at a low cost in any restaurant.

Indeed, in non-American, non-soft-drink, cultures, refills seem to be unknown for, presumably, the high-demand clientèle does not exist.

I've observed one street alone among  three restaraunts serving
similar clientele all three main forms of refill policy: free,
discounted and full price.

If the above hypothesis is true, AND if indeed the non-free-refill restaurants do cater to the same clienteles, they will not be able to sustain this policy for very long.


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