It seems the "retail" price would serve a function.
It seems to me that the "retail" price of any 
particular diamond would be standardized accross 
diamond sellers and a central tendency of how much
a seller discounts from that price would allow for
easier comparison of diamond retailers than the 
prices of individual diamonds, which vary in several
quality measures that affect their price and are 
each like no other diamond.

Pat McCann
GMU Undergrad

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, michael gilson de lemos wrote:

> I agree with Fred. Something similar goes on in stamp and coin collecting,
> and to some extent with auto appraisals.However, diamonds are a very
> controlled market.
> Best Regards,
> MG
> appraising at
> > the retail price, but the "wholesale" is a fiction, actually being the
> real
> > retail price, and the "retail" price is a fiction that few would actually
> > buy at.
> >
> > Fred Foldvary

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