The latest Harry Potter book might be perfect for parents: it is summer
time, kids are out of school, and the darn book is 700+ pages long
(pretty long indeed for 8 and 9-year olds). So the book is a way of
getting the kid(s) out of their hair for a while. :-)

Anecdotal evidence of unusual demand:  I accompanied two acquaintances
of mine and their two children to a bookstore in N. Virginia on midnight
last Friday, when the book went on sale.  The bookstore was crowded in a
festive atmosphere, and there were many different ages waiting on the
line to buy the book.  The store was giving away chocolate turtles. 
I've never seen anything like that for a new book.

*Weekend* sales (New York Times, today):
Barnes and Noble: 500,000 copies
Borders: 200,000 copies 26,000 (+350,000 ordered before publication)

According to the Times article, the american publisher is printing 2
million more copies next month.

So they probably did "miscalculate" the demand; although, I am not sure
that an initial printing of 3.8 million copies is exactly "stingy". 
That alone represents copies for 1.5% of the entire US population as
individuals, rather than as families.

Nick Rozen

jhorsman wrote:
> Is the reason so many books stores are out of the latest harry potter book
> because of miscalculating demand or could it be something else?

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