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> A Church that anyone could join
> Does such Church already exist? Is it possible at all?

There is one.  The Universal Life Church.

> * Adult members would selflessly donate part or totality of their wealth
>  and income to the Church.
> * The Church, in exchange, would name each member Minister of the Church,
>  and confide him by a solemn act of eternal validity of the totality of
>  the riches that he contributed to the Church.

The Universal Life Church ordains anyone who wants to be a minister.
That was the case some years ago.  The IRS investigated the church
But so far as I know, the Church is still in business (service?).
> Possible names: Church of the Holy (Property) Right,
> Church of (Economic) Freedom, Church of the Anti-Leviathan, etc.
> Possible saints: J. Locke, D. Hume, F. Bastiat, F.A. Hayek, A. Rand, etc.

Anyone may start a church by those names and doctrines.
There have been indeed several libertarian-type churches.
But the IRS does may not recognize such a church, and may even penalize the
The IRS invaded the homes of members of the United Libertarian Fellowship
in California, imprisoned some members, and confiscated computers and
Fred Foldvary 

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