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>From my limited experience, most tax protesters/activists are middle
class (I have not numbers to support this observation).  I do not
see too many of the wealthy step up to bat against high tax rates. 
Do they accept money in government coffers as currency for the
influential, i.e. limousine liberalism at its worst?

Your hypothesis is intriguing, but I would think that a better way to explian why rich tax protestors are rare is simply that the opportunity cost of their time is high and, so, the cost of collective action is much higher for them. (It is true, though, that their expected benefits might be higher since, indeed, they are more likely to have an influence.)

Moreover, some wealthy individuals do support libertarian organizations, which is a way to be a tax protestor at a lower cost (for them). A standard anomaly: people like Bill Gates, who supports all the PC causes espoused by the tyrant who persecutes him!

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