Alexander Tabarrok wrote:
>     My model explains a negative correlation between extremity and
>flexibility.  You objected that correlation of *signals* would mean that
>"The people who
>become more confident and move from the initial consensus position
>should also tend to move in the same direction from that consensus.  But
>we observe similar levels of confidence moving both directions away from
>the consensus."  My later post simply indicated that your conclusion
>does not follow from the premise.  Correlation of signals implies more
>people on one side of the extreme than the other, it does not imply
>asymmetric confidence levels when moving away from the consensus.  The
>number of people at either extreme and the confidence with which the
>extremes hold their views are two totally different things.

I agree that your model explains the correlation in question.
I was just pointing out that it does not explain other available data.

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