I've got a little announcement.  I've just finished writing the first
version of my Personality, Politics, and Economics online test.  I think
you'll have fun taking it, and it should only take ten minutes or so. 
The test is at:


P.S.  Don't worry about biasing my sample - I've got specific test items
to take care of that problem.  In any case, for the time being, this
survey is only exploratory.
            Prof. Bryan Caplan               [EMAIL PROTECTED]    

  "We may be dissatisfied with television for two quite different 
   reasons: because our set does not work, or because we dislike 
   the program we are receiving.  Similarly, we may be dissatisfied 
   with ourselves for two quite different reasons: because our body 
   does not work (bodily illness), or because we dislike our 
   conduct (mental illness)."
                   --Thomas Szasz, *The Untamed Tongue*

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