I agree that there is a disparity in life experience on this list. In my
mere 32 years of life, I have met dozens of people who illegally carry
concealed weapons.

These people overlap considerably with those that don't file income
taxes, work for cash only, or in another way significantly evade taxes
(black markets, tax "fraud", etc.).

The others tend to be either vets or hardcore Republicans or
Libertarians or libertarians.

To almost a person, they don't work in big city jobs, where carrying a
firearm to work is prohibited. They tend to work for or own small
businesses (several printers and computer consultants come to mind).

OT comment: I regard most of these people as patriots of the first
order, participating in civil disobedience at great personal risk. I
wish I had a book of their stories. One man I know was convicted of tax
evasion, was on the lam for almost 2 years with his wife (part of the
time in a cabin in the woods with his wife, reading Bohm-Bawerk and
Mises by night and hunting by day), was subsequently caught while
working as a janitor, served his time (3 yrs, as I recall), is long out
of prison, but to this day refuses to file a tax return.

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> This is the problem with dueling anecdotes (and perhaps goes 

> In my 48 
> years of life I've known hundreds of people who own guns, and 

> The only people who I know who have ever prevented a crime 
> with a gun are police officers. The thing that makes me 
> extremely skeptical of these numbers is that I don't know a 
> single gun owner who carries his/her gun outside the house 
> unless the trip is to use the gun (to hunt or for target 
> shooting). 

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