> Where did you get that?

Like I said, the Wall Street Journal, a front page article, beginning in the
upper left hand corner.   One day last week.


> Armed forces in France, at least, are not unionized. And most soldiers
> have short term careers. And as far as I know it's true of most armed
> forces in Europe.
> I did not read the WSJ paper but they usually are more accurate.
> Alypius Skinner a *crit :
> >
> > By coincidence, there was a front page story in yesterday's WSJ about
> > very subject.  It says Europe (and it suggests that Britain is not
> > in this analysis) has more men in uniform than the US, but they their
> > more in pay and benefits, most troops are careerists rather than
> > short-termers, and their troops are older (in Belgium, for example, the
> > average age of a soldier is 40!), under-equipped, under-trained, and
> > relatively unfit.  One soldier said they view their mission as
> > "peacekeeping," not fighting wars.  The reason for this state of
> > Europe's armed forces are unionized.
> >
> > ~Alypius

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