> Actually, these "scientists" are lumping together many more things than
> you described, Dr. Caplan.  You're too easy on them.  Culture includes
> - Z Gochenour

Well, yes and no. Culture is terribly vague, but good researchers will
narrow it down. Bryan seems to clearly focus on attitudes towards
government, which is reasonable since he's interested in policy outcomes.

In general, good social scientists who deal with "culture" tend to have
reasonable working definitions that help them with their research. Some
cultural research is purely attitudinal. For example, demographers might
want to know when individuals have a preference for small number of
children, and if such a stated preference has any effect on fertility.

The issue is that "culture" as it is often used denotes the "stuff inside
your head" that people in a group share. This might include: language,
attitudes, religions, belief systems, emotions, facts, skills and all the
cognitive machinery that underlies all conscious thinking. Therefore, it
is simply to big and vague an idea. Best to do what Bryan does and focus
on what interests you (in his case, attitudes towards gov't vs. attitudes
towards individuals or yourself). 


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