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> --- Marko Paunovic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I can't really see a situation where decision not to have children is
> > good for your genes.
> What matters for evolution is the propagation of the species, not
> individuals.  So if most individuals have children, but some choose to
> enhance the welfare of others by avoiding having children, that overall can
> help the species flourish and reproduce.

Yes, it could help the species. However, my genes don't care about the well- 
being of the species. They care about themselves. What is good for the species 
is not necesarily good for my genes. I guess one could even argue that by 
helping the other members of the species you are hurting yourself because you 
are increasing competition for limited resources. The only exemption, as I 
already mentioned, is caring for relatives.

The situation is analogous to the public good problem. If I did something good, 
it would help everyone, but probably harm me. That is why I will not do it at 
all. Again, the only exemption are the people I care about, which are usually 
memebers of my family and for whom I am willing to sacrifice.

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