On 2003-07-07, Bryan Caplan uttered to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and Tyler Cowen:

>But I can't remember hearing anyone drawing the obvious lesson: Russia
>needs more inequality to persuade the brains to stay.

It doesn't. Just as you say, it needs "better inequality", which in this
case most likely means "less inequality". The point is, the distribution
shouldn't be forced. It should be let to evolve. Until now, it hasn't
been, because of all the rent-seeking and corruption you mentioned.

Thus, equality vs. inequality isn't the right basis in which to analyse
Russia's situation. The right basis, as always, is rule of law vs. no rule
of law, or efficient law vs. inefficient law.

>As Alex Tabarrok pointed out to me, even Rawlsians should embrace this

This sounds interesting and I might not have been present at the time.
Could you perhaps provide me with a cite?
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