I get these ads through email all the time. Usually I just ignore tham but as 
I'm getting poorer by the second I thought I'd take a look.  Do you think 
this is just a gimmick to get the fees and maybe some free postage, or could it 
be legit?


No Newspaper Ads…   No Magazine Ads…    No Bulletin Board Ads ...   No Handing
Out ...

Congratulations Friend,
We have selected you to be one of our new catalog circular mailers. You can 
earn from $550.00 to $3,000.00 and your paycheck is mailed to you promptly 
every Wednesday. If you accept our offer today and follow our instructions your 
first paycheck will be in your hands in approximately ten days time, following 
our instructions!
Our printing and publishing company is in the process of hiring home workers. 
We desperately need home workers each week to stuff and mail out our special 
advertising circulars. We have so much on hand that we are paying home workers 
$10.00 for EACH letter stuffed and returned to us as per our instructions.
There is no limit to the number of letters that you can stuff and mail for 
our company.
If we receive 55 letters stuffed and mailed out by you will be paid $550.00

75 letters…………………………$750.00
95 letters…………………………$950.00
300 letters………………………..$3,000.00
And so on...

The More Letters you Stuff and Mail the MORE MONEY You Can Make!

* You must be able to read and write simple English.
* Have the ability to fold loose page circulars.
* Stuff and seal circulars in an envelope.
* Apply postage and mail them with the address labels we provide to you.
If you pay attention to circulars that you receive from other companies you 
will notice how all of them are very vague about what your package will contain 
in addition they don’t tell you if they are the ones that are going to send 
you the envelopes and circulars to stuff. They say all envelopes will come to 
you already stamped and addressed. That simply means that YOU will have to 
advertise to get people to send you self-addressed stamped envelopes.

We send you the envelopes, address labels and letters to be stuffed….
We pay you for the work you do as per our instructions.
Your only job is to place our special advertising circulars into envelopes 
and then mail them out. For this you will receive payment of $10.00 per envelope 
from US!
Your initial postage cost is reimbursable. That means it’s free! So keep this 
in mind when you select an income group. No advertising in newspapers, 
magazines or bulletin boards. We do not deduct taxes from your paycheck, so you’ll 
get the full amount. We will send a form 1099 at the end of the year when 
you’re ready to file your taxes.
You will not be stuffing or mailing anything that is pornographic or illegal. 
All literature that we’ll send you meets the requirements of the regulatory 
agencies, so you have nothing to worry about.
For your convenience, we have established 5 different groups. You can choose 
the group that you want to work under. Each group carries different earnings 
potential and a different number of starting supplies.
The Earning Potential of

Group #1 is $550.00 Weekly
Group #2 is $750.00 Weekly
Group #3 is $950.00 Weekly
Group #4 is $3000.00 Weekly! … This is the Most Popular Group.
Group #5 is for established mailers who start in Group #4 and get promoted 
after receiving their first $3000.00 in pay.
Once you’re in Group #5 you have the potential to earn $5000.00 but you must 
start in Group #4 if you want to be promoted to Group #5. We will leave it up 
to you to choose your own starting group.
For example, if you start in Group #3, we will send you a large priority 
package containing 95 envelopes, letters and customer mailing labels along with 
our easy to follow instructions. If you choose Group #4, we send you 300 
envelopes, letters and customer mailing labels.
When you are promoted to Group #5, we will send you a large package 
containing 500 of each item to be stuffed and mailed for payment.

First, the number of people who respond to our special letters, once they are 
mailed out, is very high. Second, they like what we offer and are willing to 
pay for the opportunities that we offer. These two facts allow us to easily 
afford to pay $10.00 per letter stuffed and mailed. Also, we want you to be 
happy with your new income level so you’ll continue to work for us which will 
allow us to continue making money.
We need home workers for a year round opportunity. Once you sign up with us, 
you can stuff and mail for us as long as you want. Take a vacation or just 
stop and start again whenever you want. Just let us know when you are going to 
take time off.

Your job is to fold our special advertising circulars that we send you, 
insert them in the envelopes we send you, apply one customer label and stick one 
postage stamp. When you complete the batch of circulars just mail them out and 
your check will be processed as soon as we receive your batch.
In order to get started IMMEDIATELY, we must require a one-time computer 
processing and materials fee. The fee is for the accountant to set up a payroll 
plan so that you can receive your earnings. Plus, it protects us from curiosity 
seekers who may not properly mail the costly printed material we send out. 
This fee is FULLY REFUNDABLE after you are in the system and have earned 5 (five) 
paychecks under your chosen income group.
Please review the different income groups listed on the Program Selection 
Form and decide which one is best for you. After your decision rush your Selected 
Form back to us with the appropriate fee to match your selected group. As 
soon as we receive you form we will ship your complete start-up package to you so 
you can start receiving paychecks in as little as 10 (ten) days.
*Please Note: This is the most honest and trustworthy program around for the 
average home worker. We deliver everything that we promise to you. We mean 
every word we state. There is no advertising required, postage is reimbursable, 
special advertising circulars, envelopes and mailing labels are provided. Every 
week another package can be shipped with your paycheck so you never run out 
of work.
Don’t let someone else take the position we have reserved for you. We look 
forward to hearing from you soon.
Sun Ray Trading

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Income Group #1:
    ($550.00) Fee is $55.00

You will receive 55 letters, 55 envelopes and 55 customer mailing labels.

Income Group #2:
    ($750.00) Fee is $75.00

You will receive 75 letters, 75 envelopes and 75 customer mailing labels.

Income Group #3:
    ($950.00) Fee is $95.00

You will receive 95 letters, 95 envelopes and 95 customer mailing labels.

Income Group #4:
    ($3000.00) Fee is $300.00
NOW ONLY $150.00

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