I was doing QC analysis in aroma in R on HuEx chip but got an error
while trying to plot NUSE.
ylim contains NA.

I'm running R 2.10(32bit) on a windows 7(64bit).

my command:
 verbose <- Arguments$getVerbose(-8, timestamp=TRUE)
 chipType <- "HuEx-1_0-st-v2"
 cdf <- AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType(chipType)
 cs <- AffymetrixCelSet$byName("tissues", cdf=cdf)
bc <- RmaBackgroundCorrection(cs)
csBC <- process(bc,verbose=verbose)
qn <- QuantileNormalization(csBC, typesToUpdate="pm")
csN <- process(qn, verbose=verbose)
plmTr <- ExonRmaPlm(csN, mergeGroups=TRUE)
fit(plmTr, verbose=verbose)
qamTr <- QualityAssessmentModel(plmTr)
<<End of command

I was able to run the previous on U95A data and Plus 2 data. Also, in
the past I was able to run that on HuEx data.
The cdf file I'm using is binary and used multiples ones (HuEx-1_0-
v2,core,A20071112,EP.cdf, HuEx-1_0-st-
v2,control,A20071112,EP.cdf, HuEx-1_0-st-
v2,extended,A20071112,EP.cdf etc offered on Elizabeth's Column

Could you please point me how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance

When reporting problems on aroma.affymetrix, make sure 1) to run the latest 
version of the package, 2) to report the output of sessionInfo() and 
traceback(), and 3) to post a complete code example.

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