Dear all,

I fairly new to the field of Exon Arrays and my experiences with
Microarrays in general are quite limited, so I have a couple of
questions concerning the analysis of Exon Array data.

First of all, I would like to do an RMA (or GCRMA) based on the
validated genes of the core probeset (so bg, qn + sum). The way I
understood the literature, this normalizes ALL probesets based on the
intensity values of the core probeset (which is also what I intend to
do). Afterwards, I want to extend my analysis on the full probeset, as
I will focus on some genes that are not included in 'core'.
I read about this procedure in a paper on APT and R by H. Lockstone
and wanted to implement it via aroma.

Am I mislead in this case?
I tried to realize this by doing a GCRMA on 'core', but the resulting
probe intensities are to few (~285k) and the probes I'm looking for
are not included.

Before that, I did a regular RMA on the full probeset and I got all
the probes /the intensities I was looking for, but I realized that
normalizing to not validated genes may not be the best idea.

It would be a great help if you could set my thoughts straight and if
I'm correct tell me how to use aroma to achieve what I want.

Note: I assembled my script as described in

Thank you in advance for your help.

With best regards,

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