I also would like to do this, i.e. map the chromosome regions in the 
regions.xls file to Affy IDs. I also would like to map them to locus 
identifiers/EntrezGene IDs. I tried what you suggested here, and it worked, 
but was slow (took several seconds for one region), so I don't know if it 
would be a practical solution to mapping all the regions from regions.xls. 
What do people do for this kind of mapping? Do you have any suggestions? I 
could probably use biomaRt for this, but what would you suggest for mapping 
the regions to Affy IDs and locus/EntrezGene? Thanks.

-Andrew Smith

On Tuesday, April 22, 2008 12:18:01 PM UTC-4, mortiz wrote:
> Hi Henrik, 
> Ive done a copy number analysis with files of Mapping250k_Sty and 
> Mapping250k_Nsp, the thing is that i would like to export the data to 
> a file similar to this: SAMPLE_NAME SNP_NAME VALUE. I have the "region 
> data" in the xls file that is created but i was wondering if it is 
> possible to export these data directly. 
> thanks! 
> maria

When reporting problems on aroma.affymetrix, make sure 1) to run the latest 
version of the package, 2) to report the output of sessionInfo() and 
traceback(), and 3) to post a complete code example.

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