I like it. I joined it since 1996. And met a lot of old people here. I am more 
on  reader. But, still thinking I got improved afterwards. 
I bet each of us got it own story of Remedy. 
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Gone! NOTE: Not Gone, MOVED 
Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, Rabi Tripathi <rab...@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks for keeping this community and this platform going for this long. You 
had the vision, you have had the dedication,  you've also had the tenacity to 
keep this amazing thing going steady. And you've kept the discipline on the 

I've been here since 1997, but since 2011 I have been an occasional lurker. 
Like an addict sniffing alcohol. I am glad I came in today to check.

I accidentally stumbled into Remedy after college in 1996 and was still a 
Remedy guy till 2010. Sometimes I wonder what my career and my life would have 
been if I had made a different choice.

After college, I was about to take a Visual C++ developer job at a bank in New 
York City. Out of the blue a company called RISC Management called to say they 
would make me a Remedy consultant and pay for travel around the country. I was 
sold. I didn't care what else they said and what Remedy was. One week of 
training and I was off in Atlanta helping I think it was Bell South, all 
expenses paid. Being paid a handsome $40,000 per year. I didn't know but I had  
just switched to a track named Remedy for 14 years. 

Ok, I just reread what I wrote below and I warn you it has no point. Thinking 
of Remedy, ARSList and ARSListers brought back a lot of deep emotions and 
memories, so my mind wandered around.

I have seen ARS 2.1 and beyond. No applications in the early days, each 
implementation started with building the app on the ARS engine you bought. 
Point and click customization, Rapid Application Development, process before 
the apps were the Remedy mantras. From Unix, the platform ported to Windows. 
Manualls were always green on black.

I had to learn enough of SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and DB2 as sometimes 
there was no DBA. Went to Merril Lynch, JP Morgan, Motefiore Medical Center, 
Merial, Pitney Bowes,
 Uniliver, Down Jones, Gucci, Bureau of National Affairs, Celluar One, Heidrick 
and Struggles (Sears Tower), CIT, SIAC, Ameritech, Walgreens. Long ago, so I 
think statute of limitations on client disclosure has expired. I mostly did 
well on engagements, many solo, some in teams. 

Not always. I went to Compaq headquarters in Houston to port them from Unix to 
WinNT. I had trouble installing ARS. Pleas for help (text paging through a 
call, remember?) from my manager went unanswered (his dog ate his pager, 
literally, it turns out). I was sent back on the plane middle of the week, but 
I survived as I was very new (second or third gig). A client got upset for not 
knowing that macro files could be opened and customized. Mostly I wasn't this 

ARS 3.x brought some apps. 4.x apps were more mature. I replaced a system in 
the literally deep, dark room under Wall street where a lot of circuits met 

I switched the company in 1.5 years, and started making $70,000. Got laid off 
in 10 months (red hot days of Remedy, but they didn't know how to get 
business), but quickly went back to work. The applications and the platform 
matured through the versions. ARWeb gave way to...forgot the name of the 1MB 
applet that had to be downloaded every time. Active Links became more active 
and Filters filtered more. Went to hospitals, banks, retailers (GUCCI, 

Escalations always confused people that if the Run If didn't match it did not 
fire Else code on each record, but fired it just once. Category/Type/Item were 
always problematic and everybody had an opinion. I had a gig just fixing the 
structure. I never understood why Remedy Notifier window was tiny and not 
resizable. Doug Mueller always said no when asked if he would consider an 
"undo" button in Remedy Admin.

ARSList was always the best friend day and night. It multiplied your brain by a 
factor of 2000 or 3000. It was not only a tech forum, but a hangout. Reading 
the posts taught you 10 times what a training or one implementation would teach 

I never went to a RUG. Can't really explain why. No employer ever offered and I 
didn't try too hard. So I know the old timers mainly through their posts. 
Claire Sanford is a name I definitely remember. Dan's writings could be/are 
amusing, especially if he is writing about something he is not amused about. 

I became RAC certified. Wife was happy to use my mileage for free trips. Setup 
DSO in three continents. Did Unix scripting, C API programming, Perl scripting. 
In Detroit I worked a 24 hour day to troubleshoot an issue. 

Dark days of Peregrine took me to San Diego for Peregrine training. It was a 
waste, but wife got to come and we made it to Tiuana in Mexico.

As Peregrine appeared to be going down, I bought $3000 worth of stock thinking 
I know the technology, it's good enough to make a come back. They went belly up 
and I got pennies back. This was a precursor to my sinking $3000 in Lehman 
Brothers, as it was tanking. (Don't follow the crowd, right?)

In Edmonton, Canada, on not so fine December week, I got tired of the cold, so 
worked a 48 hour shift to I could fly back early in the week. Went out to eat, 
but yes no sleep, no shower. An add job coding PL/SQL against ARS's database, 
so I was mostly alone. I was a zombie through the flight through MN. 

I customized every module to death in 6.x. At a client near LA, I spent two 
years customizing. ITSM 7 radically changed the applications, exponentially 
raising the complexity, making log reading a nightmare. The paltform got a lot 
wider with more components, mostly from acquired companies/technologies.

On 9/11 I had finished a 10 month Remedy upgrade gig (I think it was ITSM 5) at 
Ameritech in Detroit and I was sleeping late at home in New York City that 
Monday having nothing to do. Luckily I and my wife were safe. Traveled a week 
later for one last trip to Detroit, was seated just behind the cockpit, and 
they gave me plastic knife to eat but steel fork which I thought was stupid as 
the fork is a better weapon than a steel knife. Getting up to go to the 
bathroom was awkward, lest somebody jumps on me fearing a cockpit intrusion. I 
picked up a pack of cards at the airport with pictures of the twin towers and 
gave it around in Detroit as I said goodbye. People were still in shock, as far 
as Detroit.

After the first kid, I switched to independent contracting job around New York 
City, so I could pick local gigs. I did fine, but I didn't like a single wall 
street bank I went to. I was a misfit, and after the 2008 financial crisis, I 
promised I wasn't going to make a living enabling them to do the stuff they do 
that are illegal, should be illegal, or are immoral. Dumb if you live in New 
York I know, but I meant it. I ultimately moved to Washington DC.

Worked virtually for six months from the other side of the earth, starting work 
after dinner, sometimes working with battery power for the DSL link, the VOIP 
box and the laptop. Dealing with ITSM 7, the buggy/unstable installation (or 
the code), on the phone with BMC's premier support, with sales reps listening, 
on emergency calls hours at a time. The three continent project was a disaster. 
I forewarned and got into trouble. Power struggle between the three continents 
(I mean the companies' Australian, Eurpoean and American entities, Aussies 
wanting to be the king renaming Remedy "Agility", and sending their own branded 
Remedy/ITSM installation package with their own version that barely worked. 
Weirdest thing I ever saw. ).
Finally for some stability I came back to New York, joined the Ivy Laegue 
University as a full time employee. Ancient Remedy installation. I became a 
hero by deploying Mid-tier (what, you can do Remedy on the browser?). I 
struggled to get them to upgrade ARS/ITSM internally (no consultants). No 
outside labor, no extra maintenance cost didn't seal the deal with the IT 
bosses. Preached ITIL. Went all the way up to one level below CIO preaching a 
tool/process transformation. Gave up and quit. A month later, ServiceNow 
swooped in and they flipped. It's a good thing I never became a salesman. 

There ended my Remedy career, as I joined a big consulting firm and started 
ITSM process/strategy work. My current client site has Remedy, but I don't have 
the keys to the Remedy kingdom, so I am just a user. 

Anyway, if you are still reading, I admire your stamina. Be well folks. I will 
join the community even if I may not be visiting often. And a big thanks to all 
who helped me, laughed with me, and pulled their hair with me in ARSLIST over 
the years.

I've not done a good job of meeting the listers in person, but if you will be 
visiting DC, I will have coffee or a beer with anybody, oldtimers or newcomers. 
r-a+b+i+n+t+A*T+g-m-a-i-l. Lose all the special characters.


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To: arslist@arslist.org

NOTE: On Friday Sept. 30th the plug will literally be pulled on the Servers 
this version of the list is running on. Please move over to the new home in 
Communities by then. The ARSlist didn’t even start on listserv, it was another 
messaging software. I planned to make it a group on usenet, but the anarchist 
group in charge spent 9 months talking about where it should be in the 
structure (anyone familiar with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the 
marketing team arguing about what do people want from the wheel?) For the past 
14 years it has had a home in a machine room in downtown Toronto, on Servers I 
purchased (both replaced once). Those servers from 2009-2013 also helped us run 
the WWRUG events, so I could justify the expense. Volume on the ARSlist is a 
quarter of what it was two years ago because the vast majority of posters are 
now on communities. There is also now the new Developer’s site for the 
Innovation Suite, developers.bmc.com We are all very busy, and there are too 
many places to go to find things. Now communities will get you to the ARSlist 
too. I have been promised non-censorship and non-interference. So, same 
discussions, same people if we are all still interested, different location. 
Note: I am not disappearing either, and I hope none of you do! The care and 
feeding of this community has been a highlight of the past 23 years for me, and 
through it I have met, electronically and\or physically a really great group of 
people most of whom I think of as friends. Times change, c’est la vie. Now I 
just have to be a part of the Community, not build the platform the community 
lives on. Cheers Danp.s. and yes, I prefer this platform to jive and 
Communities, it just isn’t the pragmatic one anymore, and I hope to influence 
the improvements in Communities to meet our needs   From: Action Request System 
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Sent: September 12, 2016 7:21 PM
To: arslist@ARSLIST.ORG
Subject: Re: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone! ** I totally reflect the 
sentiments of all of you. I heard of and started using the list a little after 
about a year or 2 after it was started and since then has been the best 
resource and online community I had the privilege of being a part of.. Thank 
you all and hopefully the BMC Communities will be a similar experience once I 
resume using it.. Joe From: Action Request System discussion list(ARSList) 
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Subject: Re: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone! Thanks Claire.. 2AM.. I think 
that was me! You knew I would be flying back from my assignment in California 
and would check mail when I got home. Thank God, I new the answer! The 
community of ITSM professionals is only about 2 degrees of separation for 
anyone. I'm sure we will see you around. Times really are changing! First 
ARSlist moving and now I won't be able to make Engage this year. It will be the 
first Remedy included conference I have missed in 21 years! We must all stay in 
touch. I have spoken LOL Kelly Deaver
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Subject: Off Topic - Before the List is Gone!
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Date: Mon, July 25, 2016 10:52 am
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** This list has been one of the most valuable tools during my entire Remedy 
career. We have seen so many ups and downs in  that time period!  Personal and 
professional!  I know there are times I would not have been able to solve a 
problem quickly and accurately without it!   1am?  5am?  2pm?  No problem.  The 
list and the amazing people that populated it were always there for me! Thank 
you! I will miss the list as much as I will miss Remedy.  There are so many 
people, I’m not going to/can’t list them all… Phil, Dan, Pat, Rick, Michelle, 
Warren, Teresa, Misi, Doug M, Jarl, Gid, Joe, Jason, Doug B., Tauf, Kelly D, 
Roger, Herb, Roger, LJ, David and on and on and on!   On August 29th (that is 
the planned date) we cut over to SNOW.   I won’t be gone yet.  Remedy will 
still be around for at least a year.  Nothing new will be happening.  Just 
maintenance and archive mode! Thank you all for being so fantastic!Claire 
SanfordRemedy Admin/Dev 12/1/1998 to sometime in 2016. _ARSlist: "Where the 
Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_ _ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and 
have been for 20 years_ _ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 
_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_

_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_

_ARSlist: "Where the Answers Are" and have been for 20 years_

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