As a legacy site where I learn a lot and contributed little, I would like to 
inform you of major update on the .NET client where I added a new feature  to 
the data-migration.
Which will offer you the possibility of associating a childs,  download the 
ARLiteUser from the following  link:

BMC Remedy AR-Liter-User (Action Request Liter User Update/Archive)
Data migration of Parent-Child-schema , to help the processing of 
data-migration, I am introducing additional data-migration feature to the 
(ArLiteUser/ArLiteArchive) when archiving schema-to-schema you will be able To 
include associated child-schema that are in inner relationship with the 
parent-schema. Where the inner relationship between parent and child-schema in 
such away that the parent primary-key (Request-id --> C1) is pointing to a 
Field_Id into the child-schema.
*         I recommend that the foreign key/field-id you points to in the 
archiving of the child-schema (-K " 536870913") should be indexed.
*         More child-schema can be added to (ArLiteUser/ArLiteArchive) and this 
depend on your suggestion
*         Review the help-document of ArliteUser.exe --> ArliteArchiveHelp
As a result the following changes will be occur on the ArLiteArchive command 
line, hence, the new command line product for ArLiteUser/ArLiteArchive (check 
documentation for command parameters)
A.     ArLiteArchive.exe -x From-AR-Server -a From-TcpPort -u From-User -p 
From-Passwd -s From-Parent-Schema -j From-Child-Schema
TO-Schema-Child (Append):
-X TO-AR-Server -A To-TcpPort -U To-User -P To-Passwd -S To- Parent-Schema -J 
To-Child-Schema -K Parent_Child_Inner-Rel_Field_Id (i.e. -k "536870913")
Options (Append Optionally) For single Parent-Entry-Id:
-l -e "INC00000000001" -E "INC00000000001"
Output Resulted Example:
*** [ArliteArchive/Schema-To-Schema] wait archiving is in process .....
** Wait ... Forward Exporting
entries: from [1] to [1] of Schema: [From_Parent_Schema]
******* Id:[INC0000000001] is copied from:[From_ Parent_Schema] to :[To_Schema]
** [1] Entries Successfully being copied to Schema: [To_ Parent_Schema]
ArLiteArchive/ChildSchema: ******* Parent-EID[INC0000000001] .. Is in 
Processing ...
*** Building Child Schema Id[000000000000007] Selected From-Child-Schema: 
*** Building Child Schema Id[000000000000015] Selected From-Child-Schema: 
*** Building Child Schema Id[000000000000101] Selected From-Child-Schema: 
** End of Build Child Schema Parent-EID[INC0000000001]--> No-Child-Id[3] 
Entries updated the To-Child-Schema: [To_Child_Schema]
**** [ArliteArchive/Schema-To-Schema] Successfully Completely .....


Thanks & Regards

Ali A. Musa

RTTS Operations Support

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