How to capture a single query string.

How can I capture the QBE search criteria and the '1005' search criteria,
combine them into a single search string, without executing the search.
This will then be passed to an EXTERNAL() field for a table qualification.

I can do this with a lot of workflow but I would prefer a leaner solution.

Remedy combines the search criteria and sends it to the DB and AR System
Searches Preference. So the question is how does Remedy combine the search

More Detail:

Contracts has 7 contract type forms; one for support, one for warranty, etc.

All 7 contract forms are a join of CTR:ContractBase and another *_ form.
The information in the *_ base form is not important for this function.

Users want to be able to search all contract types (7 forms) at one time.
Searches will need to go against CTR:ContractBase_Locale (which is another
join of CTR:ContractBase), note that I will need to create a search view
and restrict access to just the search view.

Users must view the results in the Contract Console as this is where all
contract types can be displayed and opened from a single location. Users
will not be permitted to make changes directly in CTR:ContractBase_Locale.

Again, I want to open CTR:ContractBase_Locale (new search view with only
access to the view) for users to perform the search.

I can expect QBE and advanced search used together. There are many fields
so creating an EXTERNAL() for each field is just not practical.

Do you know of a way I can capture the QBE and advanced search criteria in
a single string, *without executing the search*, so that users can close
the window and set the table qualification in the contract console and
refresh the table?


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