We’ve a non-unicode AR Server. Remedy Login Ids are in English only both on AD 
and AR Server.
Where the Active Directory had First or Last Name with Unicode character such 
as Vytautas Morkūnas, the corresponding name will be held in ITSM CTM:People 
form as Vytautas Morknas (ARS can’t store the Unicode character ū as it is 
currently installed as non-unicode). When this user logs in with correct AD 
password,  he/she gets Authentication failed.

In AREA Configuration, User Search Filter = sAMAccountName=$\USER$. In the AREA 
Plugin Log, we see that bind is successful for login id = abc1234 and AD 
returns the following : CN=Morkūnas\, Vytautas 
Even though bind is successful, AR still throws authentication failed error. Is 
it because AREA Plugin or ARS is unable to read the Unicode character in CN 
?CN=Morkūnas\, Vytautas (abc1234). Please suggest how to get authenticated 

Environment: ARS & ITSM 8.1.02
Non-Unicode Setup.

Radhika Narayanan
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