I am obviously missing something here.

DSL 1.0.00 is installed with ITSM 7.0.02, specifically Change Management
I believe.  It's console appears on my Home Page as an admin.
The Patch 1516 installer runs fine against it.  On production I have not
loaded updated data, or imported any data yet since we had been debating
whether or not to do so.  Now I want to load data, but need to patch it
first.  Development is an older system, upgraded to ARS and
CMDB 2.1.00, on which DSL data has been loaded and updated several

In Share:Application_Properties it shows version 1.0.00 Patch 1516 on
both servers.

The documentation for DLS 7.0 Patch 005 and DSL 7.1.01 mirrors this,
that it should have installed with the ITSM 7.0 installation of Change
Management.  It says to apply Patch 005 to the DSL.

When I run Patch 005 for DSL on my development or production (ARS / CMDB / ITSM servers, it fails after
reporting that the three ITSM apps are installed (IM, PM, CM, all with the error:

Pre-requisites not met
BMC Remedy Definitive Software Library Version 7.00.00 or higher is

At what point in loading the latest version of every piece of BMC code I
could scavenge off support web did I NOT get it to the point where it
thinks it has DSL 7.0.x??????   Or is this one of those installers than
only works against an older code base, which means that I would have had
to install it back in December before ITSM Patch 006 or CMDB
(January)??  Anyone have any experience with this one??

Christopher Strauss, Ph.D.
Call Tracking Administration Manager
University of North Texas Computing & IT Center

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