Hello Tim

I've had an experience with the DNA plotter where when I select to view only
a certain range of the DNA sequence, it only works on the "end" range but
not the "begin" range. For example, I have a 10kb DNA sequence and I'm
interested to plot features on 5kb-6kb. However, when I set the range at the
tracks, it plots from 1bp to 6kb. It works when I only set the "begin"
range, where if I only enter 5000 at begin and nothing for end, it will
display tracks from 5kb to 10kb. I wonder if anybody else is having that
problem or if it's just me.

Also, is there a way to automatically draw the arrow heads according to the
directions that we a;ready specify from artemis? When we have a lot of
features, it's troublesome to have to go check the direction for each of
them and manually pick arrow head or arrow tail.

Apologies if the answers can be found in the manual, but since Kajsa was
just inquiring about the DNA plotter, I thought I might as well.

Thanks and best regards,
-- yealing --

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Tim Carver <t...@sanger.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi Kajsa The best way to avoid that is to set up the tracks first. The
> track manager works by filtering the features to display and will refresh
> them when you click UPDATE. So you should ideally do your editing after you
> have set the tracks. Regards On 10/28/10 3:59 PM, "Kajsa Himmelstrand" <
> kajsa.himmelstr...@mykopat.slu.se> wrote: > Hello, > I have a question
> about the DNAplotter to MacOSX that I got with Artemis v12. > The program
> doesn't seem to work so well. For example, when I do things in the > Track
> Manager, things that I have previously edited disappears. Do you have > any
> better upgraded version without the bugs? It would otherwise be a very >
> good tool for me to use. In other case, is there any other similar program
> to > use while DNAplotter is being upgraded? > Best regards from Kajsa
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