Thanks, Tim, for the rapid reply.

I've did exactly that, removing the tracks in artemis before launching
DNAPlotter. But is there a way to ask DNAPlotter not to draw the line for
the sequence without any tracks? What I previously meant was that I tried to
use the DNA wizard to define start and stop positions. But it only seems to
work in circular view and not linear view. E.g. When I have start set to
1000 and stop set to 2000, the circular view displays bases 1000 to 2000,
but when I switch to linear view, it shows bases 1 to 2000.

Sorry for asking a not-so-clear question before. Thanks again.

-- yealing --

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 4:35 PM, Tim Carver <> wrote:

>  Hi Yealing
> Thanks for the feedback.
> One way to restrict the range on a track is to define it in Artemis first,
> i.e. delete the features outside a range by first selecting the features in
> the range (select base range and then select overlapping features) and
> toggle the selection (under the Select menu). In that way you can
> temporarily delete the features outside that range and save it to a new
> file. Or you can filter by a list of gene names (see the first example in
> the manual in
> DNAPlotter.
> Unfortunately there is no easy way round the arrow head problem but I will
> try and get time to look at that.
> Regards
> Tim
> On 10/29/10 1:53 AM, "Yealing" 
> <<>>
> wrote:
> Hello Tim
> I've had an experience with the DNA plotter where when I select to view
> only a certain range of the DNA sequence, it only works on the "end" range
> but not the "begin" range. For example, I have a 10kb DNA sequence and I'm
> interested to plot features on 5kb-6kb. However, when I set the range at the
> tracks, it plots from 1bp to 6kb. It works when I only set the "begin"
> range, where if I only enter 5000 at begin and nothing for end, it will
> display tracks from 5kb to 10kb. I wonder if anybody else is having that
> problem or if it's just me.
> Also, is there a way to automatically draw the arrow heads according to the
> directions that we a;ready specify from artemis? When we have a lot of
> features, it's troublesome to have to go check the direction for each of
> them and manually pick arrow head or arrow tail.
> Apologies if the answers can be found in the manual, but since Kajsa was
> just inquiring about the DNA plotter, I thought I might as well.
> Thanks and best regards,
> -- yealing --
> On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Tim Carver <> wrote:
> Hi Kajsa The best way to avoid that is to set up the tracks first. The
> track manager works by filtering the features to display and will refresh
> them when you click UPDATE. So you should ideally do your editing after you
> have set the tracks. Regards On 10/28/10 3:59 PM, "Kajsa Himmelstrand" <
>> wrote: > Hello, > I have a question
> about the DNAplotter to MacOSX that I got with Artemis v12. > The program
> doesn't seem to work so well. For example, when I do things in the > Track
> Manager, things that I have previously edited disappears. Do you have > any
> better upgraded version without the bugs? It would otherwise be a very >
> good tool for me to use. In other case, is there any other similar program
> to > use while DNAplotter is being upgraded? > Best regards from Kajsa
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