Hi Tim,
This works like a charm. But, that makes me want more. Sorry about that.

- Is there a way we can set the default bam view option to "Coverage Plot 
colors" ? So that we see pile up of reads. Or via command line option?
I know i'm asking for too much here........

Thanks very much,

>> ./art -Doffset=12500 -Dbam=/path/file.bam ~/foo.embl + ~/foo.gff
> This is excellent!
> Will we be able to do the same for .userplot files soon?
> eg
> % ./art -Doffset=12500 -Dbam=/path/file.bam -Dplot=foo.userplot
> ~/foo.embl + ~/foo.gff
> OR
> % ./art -Doffset=12500 -Dbam=/path/file.bam ~/foo.embl + ~/foo.gff @
> ~/foo.userplot
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> --Torsten Seemann
> --Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium, Dept. Microbiology, Monash
> University, AUSTRALIA

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