It seems the script cannot find the blastn executable. Do you have 
blastn somewhere? If not, download the old blast-package (not blast+) from 
NCBI, unpack it, and place the blastn executable in a folder that is in your 
path, i.e., a place where scripts or programs can find it. You probably have a 
folder called /usr/bin/, try placing it there. Type env (using a terminal 
window) to see your path (and a lot of other information).

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för Tony Tang []
Skickat: den 28 april 2011 22:56
Ämne: [Artemis-users] big_blast

Hi All,

Does any body know how to set up environment for running<>?
I have installed "Pathogen Sequencing Unit internal perl modules" and copied<> into folder modules. There is an error when I 
was trying to run the<>.

"Can't exec "blastn": No such file or directory at 
./<> line 489, <IN> line 2."

Any help will be appreciated.


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