New user of Artemis, so I hope I'm not missing something obvious.
I've been given .gff files to use as Entries for a set of chromosome
sequences, but I find that the supplier has been very inconsistent in
how they qualify tags of features, e.g. sometimes the accession # or
product name is put in one tag (usually either 'Name' or 'ID'),
sometimes in the other. As a result when I show 'gene name' the
results are all over the map, as are the labels under the graphics.

The current documentation says that "The "gene name" is actually the
/label qualifier of the feature. If there is no /label then the /gene
qualifier is used. If neither of the qualifiers exists then the key is

As it happens my .gffs use neither of these qualifiers as tags or
qualifiers (I'm guessing Artemis is geared more towards Genbank/EMBL
feature tables than gffs).  Is there a way to set Artemis to look for
a gene name in a different way?  Or or a method in Artemis to
bulk-transfer/bulk edit qualifiers?

Dr. Steven Sullivan
Center for Genomics & Systems Biology
New York University
12 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10003

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