I would like to give my users a way to open, all at once, multiple "Artemis 
Entry Edit" windows with, in each, multiple entries (an embl and 1 or more tab 
files). But it seems impossible.
In fact :- open multiples windows can be done with : "artemis.jar 
chromosome1.embl chromosome2.embl"- open an embl and its tab files can be done 
with : "artemis.jar chromosome1.embl + blastn1.tab + blastx1.tab"
But use this two "tricks" in the same command line don't work ... (Typing 
something like : "artemis.jar chromosome1.embl + blastn1.tab + blastx1.tab 
chromosome2.embl + blastn2.tab + blastx2.tab" )
Is there a way to do that ? If not, do you think it could be a good feature for 
a future Artemis version ?

Thanks in advance,
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