Yes. I am using the gff3 file as the base for manual annotation. I am keeping 
it versioned to keep track of what has been changed. So if there is no way to 
retain the order of attributes, it's just killing the the version system.

So far I managed to retain the order by changing "accession_id" to something 
else. But it would be good to know how Artemis saves gff3 files. I need to know 
if the order will always be retained, or it's just purely random?

BTW, is there any way to auto save the gff3 file in artemis?


On 19 sep 2011, at 18.01, Scott Cain wrote:

> Hi Feifei,
> Is there a reason you want to retain order?  The order of attributes
> should not matter.
> Scott
> On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:11 AM, Feifei Xu <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Is there any way to conserve the order of the attributes (column 9) in gff3 
>> file?
>> The problem I have now is between the two tags "label" and "accession_id". 
>> If I load a version (v1) of gff3 file with "label" before "accession_id", 
>> then it will be saved into a new version (v2) of gff3 file with 
>> "accession_id" before "label".  When I thought that I can live with the 
>> order in v2, and tried to save v2 into yet another version (v3), then the 
>> order changed back to  "label" before "accession_id".
>> It would be great if there is any way to fix the order. I will also try to 
>> change the tags, see if that will do.
>> Thanks!
>> Feifei
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