Hi Tim,

we noticed a bug in Artemis (13.2.6) related to controlled vocabulary (CV). We 
got 2 CV with similar terms, for instance "CC_completeness" (for genes) and 
"CC_rpt_completeness" (for repeat regions) have both the term 'complete'.
If we edit a gene (or a repeat region) and add the term 'complete' from one of 
the CV, it does not save the term from the selected CV. I don't know if it's 
related to our version of Artemis or not, that's why I reporting this bug on 
the Artemis list.

To reproduce the bug, it's quite simple: you need to have a same term name 
available in 2 different CV. Then edit a gene and add the term of each CV. You 
would expect to have 2 times the same term from 2 different CV but if you move 
your mouse over the terms, you will see they both come from only one of the 2 

Please let me know if you can't reproduce this issue.

   Valentin G.

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