Hi Everyone,
I trying to trick ACT to display linking bars from two different blast out 

I have a chromosome at one side and newly scaffolded  chromosome on the other 
side  (generated by ordering of contigs using Abacas). I want to display two 
kinds of link between them.

 1.  crunch file from Abacas. To show matching/ordered contigs. So there will 
be only few super wide bars.
 2.  tblastx outfile between these chromosomes (used MSPcrunch to match with 
Abacas outfile output)

I manually fuse both the files and use in ACT. It display links from both. But, 
I want to make abacas crunch disappear most of the time.
My naïve attempt was to change score in the Abacas crunch file to"zero" 
artificially, so that I can block that link using the ACT 's middle window 
scroll bar. But, it does not respond. I mean, it does not control the display 
based on score.

But, when I load un modified blastout file (with  -m 9) option, it seems to 
control the display. Is it something a known issue.

Better, yet, is there any better way to use two different crunch/blast out 

PS: I can load one chromosome twice. But, anything else?

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