I am having difficulties filling in fields for a microbial genome. I have a
Genbank format file that already has genes called etc. I wanted to do a
renumbering of the genes and CDSs and RNAs so I deleted the original
"locus_tag" from the file. Then I applied Automatically Create Gene Names
and used "locus_tag" as a target. All good. But I also need the same locus
tag to go on the CDS/RNAs as well. If I have selected all genes and then
apply the select "features matching qualifier" the selection shifts ao all
CDS and RNA genes. Perfect. Now if I want to do again the  Automatically
Create Gene Names to apply a locus_tag on these it does it but the ordering
is all messed up (i.e. I get locus tag 1 for the CDS and locus tag 2 for the
gene of that CDS and vice-versa, makes no sense and doesn't seem to be
linked with the strand orientation). How can that be fixed? Unfortunately a
very simple feature, to copy the locus tag from gene to CDS seems to be
missing, or at least I havent figured out how to do it for all genes at

Unfortunately the locus tag is needed on both gene and CDS in order to
import the file into Sequin for GenBank submission. Its much harder to
submit a genome nowadays than to actually sequence it...



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